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Stop it, Madonna!

<span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:115%;font-family:'Candara', 'sans-serif';">She is rich and famous that’s why she managed to adopt two children from Malawi even when the country’s laws  required prospective parents to live in the country for 18 to 24 months while child welfare authorities assess their suitability. But with Madonna, this was not an issue.

She pledged to feed orphans through Consol Homes [a network orphan centers], but after a while, that too has been abandoned putting the lives of many poor children at risk.

She promised to build a $15 million school for girls, an academy modeled on Oprah Winfrey’s school in South Africa,  but she changed her mind.

“ I write to you today to inform you of Madonna’s ongoing commitment to the children of Malawi and Raising Malawi’s plans to partner with the organisation buildOn to construct 10 new schools in the district of Kasungu,” Madonna wrote on her website.

Last week she asked her global fan base to raise money to train a Malawian doctor. The question is, should we really trust her? How about asking how much was raised for the construction of the school she abandoned.

To many Malawians, Madonna is now certified lair. Activists have always remained suspicious of her motives. MacDonald Sembereka fears that Madonna is using money to raise money for herself or moving the goalposts.

“We don’t know if the new plan will be effective because we can’t trust her any more,” he said referring to her decision to build 10 community schools

Undule Mwakasungula, executive director of the Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation, which challenged Madonna’s adoption of the two children also thinks Madonna is dishonest from the beginning.

“The government gave her land and moved Malawians. It’s now empty. How are we going to make her accountable? Can we believe her? She has not explained why the last one failed. How can we be sure she will do what she promises?”

The Global Philanthropy Group which now manages Raising Malawi on Madonna’s behalf, say that the pop star has spent over $11 million of her own money on Malawian projects in the past six years.

“In 2012, Raising Malawi continues to support several community-based organisations, including orphan care centers and medical clinics across the country,” she said.

Raising Malawi has also promised to install a power grid at Consol Homes orphan care center to bring electricity to that community to benefit children and their families.”

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  1. Do not stop Madonna! You will be shooting yourself in the foot!! Also stop blaming her for the actions of others. Madonna has no hidden agenda, as you seem to suggest. With all her other commitments she cannot possibly run Raising Malawi herself and it should be worthy of note that as soon as she became aware of the corruption amongst those charged with running the project, Madonna acted swiftly. Hence the reason for the change of method in which the education of the children she seeks to help is being managed. That is common knowledge in the UK. It is absolutely true that every $ raised for this project has been matched by Madonna herself. Yes, Madonna is a rich woman but she also understands that to completely fund this project herself would not allow others to share in the Light. Two smaller schools have already been completed under the new scheme and one is completely up and running, the second to be so in the next month or so I believe. Eight others will follow. These are more local, will serve more children and offer more extensive opportunity than an exclusive and elitist school for 500.
    Furthermore, Madonna’s adoption of David and Mercy was not a flaunting of Malawian law. It highlighted the antiquated and, in part, lack of legislation which would allow children to experience family life instead of a life spent in orphanages. David and Mercy have been adopted into a loving family environment. They have the greatest of opportunities in life and are happy and thriving.
    So please stop this judgement of Madonna. Her heart is good, she is genuine in her efforts to help Malawians of the future. In the next decade you will begin to see the fruits of her labours, so to work with her not against her and show faith and trust will be to the greater benefit to the children of Malawi..

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