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#Tanzania President says Army ready to defend country

Tanzanian President Kikwete has warned that his armed forces are ready to protect the country against any foreign threat to its territory, indirectly referring to the border dispute with Malawi. Tanzania is embroiled in a territorial wrangle with Malawi over the ownership of Lake Nyasa, which is known as Lake Malawi in the neighbouring country…. Read More ›

Judge Rosalyn Higgins

UK top judge backed #Malawi in lake dispute

A Legal opinion by the former President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)—which may handle the Malawi-Tanzania lake dispute if diplomacy fails—backs Malawi’s claim that it owns the entire lake. The highly respected British judge Professor Rosalyn Higgins, QC, authored the opinion in 1988 as a consultant for Mobil Oil Corp which wanted to… Read More ›

President Banda

President Banda says #Malawi not ready for any interim deal on Lake dispute with #Tanzania

Malawi President Joyce Banda on Sunday told mediators on the border dispute with Tanzania on Lake Malawi that she will not accept any interim deal over the lake until the wrangle is resolved. “My government is not, at this time willing to entertain any interim agreement on say, the environmental issues or Tanzania usage of… Read More ›

#Tanzania dismisses #Malawi’s claims over deployment of ships on disputed lake

Tanzania has dismissed Malawi’s protests against the alleged deployment of two ships on Lake Malawi saying that the vessels are meant for lake Nyasa and not in the disputed territory of the lake. Malawi, which sits to the west of Africa’s third-largest lake, claims the entire northern half of the lake, while Tanzania, to the… Read More ›

#Malawi clarifies position on lake dispute with #Tanzania

Malawi’s department of foreign affairs has clarified earlier comments made by President Joyce Banda that the southern African nation has decided to take the Lake Malawi dispute with Tanzania to the International Court of Justice. President Banda had earlier in the week said that Malawi was giving up on mediation efforts and would take to… Read More ›

Deadlocked: Malawi, Tanzania fail to agree

Malawi and Tanzania have reached a deadlock again over the disputed lake Malawi boundary, Tanzanian media reports indicated over the weekend. Malawi claims sovereignty over the entirety of Africa’s third largest lake, while Tanzania says 50 percent is part of its territory. The row, which goes back half a century, could worsen if significant oil and… Read More ›

Tanzania says wants a mediator to resolve territorial dispute with Malawi

Tanzania says talks over territorial rights on Lake Malawi have failed and is now asking for an international mediator to resolve a long-standing border dispute which has resurfaced because of potential oil and gas “It is clear now, that we cannot resolve the issue between us,” Tanzania’s foreign affairs minister, Bernard Membe, told a news… Read More ›

Malawi, Tanzania talks over oil exploration deadlocked

Tanzania and Malawi, in talks for the last five days, have failed to agree on the disputed waters of Lake Malawi The talks held in the northern Malawian city of Mzuzu failed to resolve the dispute and suggestion were made that matter be taken to the International Court of Justice, Malawi’s foreign minister Ephraim Chiume… Read More ›

Climate change:Malawi’s second largest lake is drying up

Malawi’s second largest lake, Lake Chilwa, is drying up and could potentially affect the livelihoods of close to a million people that rely on it, a climate change expert has warned. “For the past two years meteorological services has recorded drops in rainfall of less than 1,000 millimetres which has led to the lake drying… Read More ›

Malawi says no to Tanzania over oil exploration on lake

Malawi has said that it will not stop exploration for oil and gas on Lake Malawi has demanded by Tanzania early this week “We categorically put it to them (Tanzania) that as far as we are concerned, the entire lake belongs to Malawi,” Patrick Kabambe, principal secretary in the ministry of foreign affairs, said in… Read More ›


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