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John Tembo Prepares to Step Down this Year

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) – the country’s oldest party-is set to announce care takers of the party ahead of the party conference later this year. The caretakers will take over from party strongman John Tembo who intends to step down and pave way for new leadership as the party prepares to contest in the 2014… Read More ›

Split imminent in Malawi’s UDF over support for Banda’s party

There is confusion in the UDF camp. It has emerged that the party’s legislators have taken different positions on how to support the ruling party of President Joyce Banda. The UDF is credited for defeating late dictator Kamuzu Banda in the first popular elections which ushered in a multi party system of government more than… Read More ›

Malawi opposition accuse JB of traveling too much

Malawi’s opposition in parliament has accused President Joyce Banda of traveling too much at the expense of tax payers and tore apart her financial plan for 2012/13 unveiled last Friday. Malawi Congress Party, the longest serving opposition party and Malawi’s first ruling party, went to town on Banda saying her 2012/13 budget has failed to mitigate the… Read More ›

Banda’s Party: Killing opposition in Malawi

Malawi’s new ruling party led by first woman President Joyce Banda has now become the new attraction in town with politicians flocking to it like ducks to water Many,including some former ministers want to join Banda’s People’s Party (PP), which not too long ago was being described as a briefcase party, a party of disgruntled… Read More ›

Malawi’s opposition poke fun at President’s plea to IMF on devaluation

Malawi’s leader of opposition John  Tembo on Monday poked fun at President Mutharika for asking the IMF to give him three more years before devaluing the kwacha against the dollar. The Fund wants Malawi to devalue the kwacha to K250 against the dollar to help stem a flourishing black market and bring back the suspended… Read More ›


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